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Word for by Common Agreement

When it comes to writing, finding the right word to convey a specific meaning is crucial. One phrase that is often used when referring to a decision or arrangement made by mutual agreement is „by common agreement.”

The phrase „by common agreement” is used to indicate that a decision or arrangement has been made by a group of individuals who have all come to an agreement on a particular matter. This phrase can be used in a variety of contexts, such as business, law, or politics.

In the business world, „by common agreement” can be used to indicate that a decision has been made by a group of stakeholders or shareholders. For example, if a company is considering a merger with another company, the two parties may come to a decision „by common agreement” after a series of negotiations and discussions.

In legal contexts, „by common agreement” is often used to refer to a settlement or agreement reached between two parties in a legal dispute. This phrase can be used in both civil and criminal cases, and it indicates that the parties involved have agreed to a specific outcome or resolution.

In politics, „by common agreement” can be used to refer to agreements made between different political parties or factions. For example, if two political parties come to an agreement on a particular issue, they may do so „by common agreement.”

When using the phrase „by common agreement,” it is important to ensure that the context is clear. While this phrase can be a useful shorthand for indicating mutual agreement, it can also be somewhat vague. Therefore, it may be necessary to provide additional context or clarification to ensure that the meaning is clear.

In addition, when using the phrase „by common agreement” in written materials, it is important to consider how it will impact search engine optimization (SEO). One way to do this is to consider how people might search for this phrase when looking for information on a particular topic. Including relevant keywords and phrases in the text can help to improve the SEO of the content.

Overall, „by common agreement” is a useful phrase for indicating mutual agreement in a variety of contexts. Whether in business, law, or politics, this phrase can help to convey a sense of consensus and partnership between different parties. By using this phrase effectively, writers can ensure that their meaning is clear and that their content is optimized for search engines.